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For a long time we’ve heard the marketing experts speak about a businesses Unique Selling Point or USP.  This is where you differentiate yourself from your competitors.  The idea is that if you can been seen to be different then you’ll stand out and you’ll win more customers or clients.  

The problem with this approach is that is very business centric and is really viewing the sales positioning backwards.

The better way it to look at it from the customer’s point of view.  This is where Unique Buying State (UBS) is born.  The goal of the UBS is to focus on your customers and give them something that will solve a problem for them.

Customers really don’t care if you are the only business who makes a particular product in a certain colour or size.  What they DO care about is how the product solves their problem.

So instead of focusing on the fact that your product is the smallest, or comes in the most variety of colours or is the cheapest, show your customers how their lives can be better if they purchase from you.

Instead of saying “our product is cheapest”, say “reduce your expenditure by 50% by purchasing our X”.

Do you see the difference?  Its just a matter of changing your language 


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